Saturday, September 17, 2005
  What a relief!
Well, I just had a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders - I received my Step II USMLE scores in the mail today. I knew they were out, since my ERAS profile had been updated 3 or 4 days ago.. it was just a matter of time.

Why the huge relief? Because I did well - using the z-score conversion site at MedFriendly to determine my actual percentile shows that my score is in the 94th percentile nationally for this test administration.

How did I determine the percentile when it is not given on my score report? Easy, I calculated the z-score (a score that tells you how many standard deviations away from the mean your score is) with the following formula:

z = (x - mean)/sd

where x = YOUR SCORE, mean = TEST MEAN, and sd = STANDARD DEVIATION as provided by the test administrators. After the z-score is calculated, look at the table on the above page and voila! Your standardized test score calculated to a percentile!

Anyway, if I didn't have to work at 1700, I'd go out and drink tonite! What a relief!
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