Friday, September 09, 2005
  An update
Well, I'm almost 2 weeks into my EM rotation, and it seems I've lost count of all the procedures I've done. At first, it was easy - a LP here, I &D there, suture that patient's lac over there - but after everyone gets used to you being around (and willing to help), they start handing you procedures like crazy. Not that I mind - I like doing procedures, and I need the practice so I can get better at them.

Anyway, I've worked nine shifts now (I think) and I'm getting more comfortable with how things are flowing. I'm still not nearly as fast as the physicians, but I don't have nearly as much practice as they do (and I don't have a scribe following me around to write everything down, either), so I'm not sweating it. I still see patients in between 5 and 10 minutes, which I think is pretty good timing for an ED visit. I'm also able to come up with a pretty good differential and tell the attending the plan I'd recommend for evaluation and treatment of the patient.

Needless to say, I've gotten better at all the procedures they've let me do - suturing, central lines, I&Ds, etc. I'm not perfect (and I'm still pretty slow), but I'm improving and I'm gaining confidence. All the physicians have been very complimentary of my abilities so far. I've not had any discouraging remarks from anyone.

Maybe I'm doing the right thing after all.
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