Sunday, September 04, 2005
  Helping Katrina's Lost
As everyone knows, hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast this past week, causing billions in estimated damage and an unknown number of deaths. In addition, thousands of people were stranded in Louisiana and Mississippi during the storm. Afterwards, it has become a nightmare situation over there. For the past three to four days, helicopters and buses have been taking people out of the hurricane-ravaged areas to nearby states. Living in northeast Texas, we have been getting plane- and busloads of refugees for the past 3 days: all hungry, dehydrated, and with various physical and mental ailments.

Physician and humanitarian groups in the area have been called to help with the displaced citizens of Louisiana, and my medical school has put out a distress call to its students as well asking for volunteers. As a result, I will probably spend tomorrow night doing whatever it is that I can to help those whose lives have been ravaged by mother nature's last assault.

Afterwards, I will leave an account of all I see and experience; both for my remembrance and as a testament to those who have never seen the toll a disaster can take on a life.
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