Wednesday, September 14, 2005
  ERAS completed
Well, I finally finished my ERAS application, submitted it, and applied to 12 programs. Currently, I am waiting on the school to upload my letters of recommendation and the NBOME to upload my COMLEX scores so my file will be complete. I am also lacking a letter of recommendation or two before I am done.

I plan on asking a couple of the docs in the ED where I am currently rotating to write me letters. I don't think they will refuse, I just hope they can write them quickly so my file will be completed. My biggest problem was that I never worked with one doctor in IM (one month I did, but shortly after that month, he disappeared after the hospital he worked at closed), so I was unable to get a letter from a Medicine attending. I got a letter from a Family Med and Surgery attending. As I said, I'm planning on 1 or 2 from this EM rotation, and maybe one from my IM rotation next month - which may be too late for residency interviews.

Anyway - the waiting game has begun. The quest for an internship continues. I hope the result is satisfactory. I am a great candidate, even if I say so myself! :)
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