Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  Day 2
After day 3 (day 2 of actual work) I can say I'm having a lot of fun. My team is pretty crazy - made up of an upper level medicine resident (pgy-2, I think) and two interns - one of which is an EM intern (the one with which I'm working) and another medicine intern (the one with which my girlfriend is working). So far, as I said, everyone has been really cool - we all get along famously - joking and laughing until we almost don't get anything else done.

Medicine, overall, is pretty boring. You go to work in the morning (about 0700 here, which isn't too bad) and you see your patients. Then you call your intern (if you're a student. If you're an intern, you call your upper-level) and round again, evaluate their status and write orders for the day. After you're done, your intern calls the chief (upper level) and says you're ready to round with the chief and the attending (the boss who oversees the care and is responsible for the patients on the team). Then, you round again. Finally, after you round with the attending and chief, you go back around and make sure everything is taken care of for your patients, await consults, and lab/test results that you ordered earlier in the day.

At this program, there is a lecture/presentation series almost everyday at noon, so you have to finish rounding before then. Also, mondays and thursdays, there are lectures for the students by the director of medical student education and the chief Medicine resident. These are over various topics. Yesterday (we had the lecture on tuesday since everyone arrived a little late on monday) we talked about pulmonary function tests (PFTs) and ventilators, which was pretty nice, since ventilator settings are important to know for any physician.

So, that's how we've begun this new month. I'm on call saturday for the first time. Of course, we're changing teams on saturday as well, so I don't know how the new team will be. Hopefully as cool as this one. I have my fingers crossed.
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