Wednesday, August 31, 2005
  EM: Day Two
Day two is complete - or should I say night two? Last night I worked 9p-5a, tonite I worked 11p-6a (supposed to be 11-7, but I got out early). It only gets more and more awesome!

Tonite, like I said, was my 2nd night. I mentioned procedures before, and tonite I got several. Let me see, what all did I do? I stapled a scalp back together, I did 3 lumbar punctures (spinal taps), and an incision and drainage of a paronychia. Pretty cool, huh? Ok, ok. I know I'm going to need to explain all this stuff, but I just got home, I've been awake for way too long.

I didn't see so many patients tonite, because after I saw a few, every time I went to see my supervising physician, he had another procedure for me to do.

Procedure list (thus far)
I still haven't done any suturing so far - I'm sure that'll come soon enough. I'd still like to insert a few chest tubes, but I'm not sure if I'll get to do that here. I don't know if they do enough chest tubes for me to get one. I figure I'll be pretty proficient at LPs, suturing, and I&Ds - if nothing else... :)

ok.. I'm tired now - I'm going to bed. I'll post more after I sleep and I'll try to explain some of this stuff over the next few days.
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